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Washington DC is a destination for young professionals in pursuit of experiences and connections which will enrich their future careers. Whether working at an embassy, private company, or NGO, boosting your network by being part of a Young Professionals program can unlock doors and friendships difficult to find anywhere else. SACC-DC has organized a successful YP program for several years in cooperation with our member businesses, chambers of commerce and local organizations to boost the careers of our young members. Join us today to get a head start to your career in Washington DC!


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Weekly After Work events hosted by the Chamber for our YP members


The program offers a forum for Young Professionals, students and others under 30 years old in the Washington D.C. area who are looking to expand their network in both Sweden and DC. It is also a perfect for getting to know our member companies and move your career forward. Our Young Professional events aim to building strong, long-term, social and professional networks between students and young professionals in the Washington DC area. To do so, SACC-DC hosts several types of events to bring our Young Professionals together with business, academia and politics in different types of settings. Some examples include:

To equip our YP membership with the connections and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers, SACC-DC hosts several types of events to facilitate exchange between senior business professionals and young professionals. Drawing on the know-how and know-who present in our wide network we bring in business leaders to offer unique insights on matters key to succeeding in the US capital. We also offer matchmaking to link employers to talent within our YP network, helping you take the next step in your career in a wide range of industries.

Washington D.C. is home to international organizations, political institutions and companies of incredible importance to the international business community. To offer insights into these organizations and open new career paths to our YP members, SACC-DC regularly hosts visits to and meetings with these organizations. By consulting with the members, we do our outmost to ensure that the visits are relevant to the ambitions and interests of the YPs. Previous visits have gone to the Friends of Sweden caucus on Capitol Hill, the World Bank, IMF and several of our member companies.

We regularly arrange social events together with local partners to bring our YP members together for relaxed networking opportunities. Whether at a public venue or cohosted with one of our members, these events offer an excellent opportunity to build friendships with ambitious people from all walks of life.

We know that exploring is part of succeeding in your early career and flexibility is crucial. As part of one of the largest Chamber of Commerce networks in the United States, SACC-DC can help you set up a national network to expand the boarders of possibilities beyond Washington D.C. As a YP member, you are connected with the 19 Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce and their network.


Building relationships to last a lifetime is the ultimate goal of the SACC-DC Young Professionals program. By becoming a member, you gain access to a large, transatlantic network of businesses and experienced professionals who are eager to help you reach your professional targets. We also promise that there is a lot of fun in store for the coming year!