Pillsbury Webinar: U.S. Infrastructure Opportunities for Non-US Companies and buy america challenges

December 2, 12 PM

With the U.S. Senate recent passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) which provides nearly $1 trillion in funding for investment in roads, bridges, rail, transit, ports, airports, electric grid, water infrastructure, and broadband, many opportunities are on the horizon for US and non-US companies.  The historic funding in many cases requires that products supplied for infrastructure projects contain U.S. origin content. The IIJA tightens existing rules on domestic procurement that are applicable to procurements by the federal government (Buy American) as well as for projects that are funded by the federal government (Buy America), such as transit projects under the Federal Transit Administration. While the domestic content requirements under both systems are broadly similar, these are distinct regimes with their own applicable rules, which requires both contractors and sub-contractors to be familiar with numerous distinct requirements for eligible supplies.  For instance, both systems provide for specific domestic content rules for iron and steel products. While a number of federal procurement projects will still be covered by more favorable rules for products produced in Sweden and other preferential countries subject to the Trade Agreements Act, there are challenges when using parts and components from China and India, and other non-preferential countries.
We look forward to discussing potential opportunities for companies in sectors potentially benefitting from this infrastructure funding and how to assess your supply chain now, so companies are poised to seize opportunities in connection with this historic infrastructure spending effort. 
This is an exclusive webinar with limited participants. Please contact jakob.enander@sacc-dc.org if your company is interested in joining the discussion.

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