Through the newly launched Business Service, SACC  DC aims to increase members’ knowledge about specific markets. This could be through collecting market statistics and researching consumer trends and demands and then further providing a report to the client with information gathered about the market. This report can then be used by the client in decision making and strategy outlining.

The Trade Services are short-term and project based with one lead Business Associate spearheading the project assisted by a Trainee and supervised by the SACC-DC Executive Director. Companies can purchase a 2 month package at $2,000 including 5 hours per week and starting in 2023, a certain number of hours will be included in the higher membership levels.

Testimonial Trade Services

Jesica Lindgren, General Councel, Blue Star Strategies

“As a corporate member of SACC-DC, Blue Star Strategies appreciated the opportunity to pilot SACC-DC’s Business-to-Business (B2B) matchmaking and trade services.  The project helped our firm identify several Swedish companies entering or expanding in the United States that might be interested in government relations support in the U.S. The project involved research into the Swedish market, with the goal of helping Blue Star Strategies identify prospective clients from Sweden. The SACC-DC team identified several viable business opportunities for our firm through their services, using their knowledge of market research and understanding of what Blue Star Strategies offers to clients seeking U.S. government relations support.

Working with the SACC-DC team on this project was very collaborative and a great help to our firm.  Their professionalism, extensive network, and deep understanding of the Swedish market provided us with several viable business prospects to pursue.  We look forward to other opportunities to utilize these services in the future.”