The SACC DC team is a dynamic group consisting of Business Associates, Trainees, and our Executive Director – all here to serve our member companies and execute the mission of our organization. Our talented Business Associates are available for an internship at our member companies under the J-1 Visa program – please reach out to our Executive Director if you would like to learn more!

Executive Director

Christina Lazdins

Christina joined the SACC-DC team as Executive Director after working in the technology sector specializing in cutting-edge Swedish language technology and a long career as a Swedish language and culture instructor to students of all ages, including diplomats, politicians, military personnel, and children. Additionally, she is the President of the American Scandinavian Association and is an active pillar and mentor in the community. Her career and society involvement provided her with a wide range of experiences that built leadership, strategy, and relationship skills that will help enhance the mission of the SACC-DC team. Christina is well-known for bringing people together and building cohesive teams and communities. 

Fun fact: Christina loves to introduce people to the game of Pickleball, she always has a net and paddles ready in her trunk!

Business Associate

Anton Bornlid

Anton recently finished his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at the University of Gothenburg with a major in Finance. After his exchange semester in Florence, Italy, he wanted to continue to meet people from other cultures, hence, he applied for the internship at SACC-DC. He is interested in business relations and business analytics. On his spare time, Anton enjoys spending time in the nature, either by hiking, biking, running, or golfing. During his time at SACC-DC, Anton hopes to gain knowledge in the  American way of business and also get an insight in the American culture.

Fun Fact: Anton has competed in the Swedish Championship in paper plane.

Business Associate

Noel Rodhe

Noel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Lund University with a major in Corporate Finance, during which he spent his fifth semester as a remote intern at SACC-DC. Instead of directly pursuing a master’s degree Noel decided to rejoin SACC-DC as a one-year trainee in order to make it to D.C. in person and fully experience what it’s like living and working in D.C.. With an interest in business analytics, international business and international relations, Noel hopes to gain valuable experience and knowledge in these subjects while working at SACC-DC. In his spare time Noel enjoys both practicing and watching various types of sports such as tennis and soccer.

Fun Fact: Noel is the most focused when listening to energetic rock music such as Skid Row and Van Halen.

Business Development Intern

Kerstin Larsson

Kerstin is currently in her last year studying at the University of Gothenburg. Her internship at SACC-DC is part of her Political Science program, where she miners in International Relations. This past spring, she has been doing an exchange semester at California State University, Sacramento. Kerstin decided to apply for an internship at SACC-DC to get a deeper understanding of American society and business setting. She is interested in trade and development, which she hopes to gain more knowledge about during her time at SACC-DC. In her spare time, Kerstin enjoys staying active by running or biking, and she also likes to paint.

Fun Fact: Kerstin owns a tortoise named Sverker.