NORDIC COOK-ALONG WITH CHEF MIKKO - Authentic Nordic Cuisine with a Local Twist

Chef Mikko has prepared his Nordic cuisine for ambassadors, politicians and royalty across the world — On Thursday May 28, he shared his highly celebrated and innovative dishes with us through a virtual cooking demo. Nordic cuisine is unique in its simple, yet versatile, presentation. Using traditional cooking techniques and ingredients sustainably and sparingly, but with intention, every plate delivers a distinct and refined taste. Chef Mikko and his sous chefs will instruct you on how to prepare several classic yet delicious dishes at home which you can try at the same time!
On the menu is gravlax on Rye with pickled cucumber and mustard sauce, cocktail bite yellow beet root salad and cocktail bite Swedish meatballs!
You will find additional information about the food, ordering and delivery here.
Chef Mikko also offers delicious take-out and groceries delivered to your door, which you can find here: