Ylva Freihofer
Executive Director

Ylva Freihofer joined the Chamber in November 2016. She grew up in Uppsala, Sweden and later moved to Geneva, Switzerland to study French. Ylva went on to study Political Science at the University of Geneva and graduated with a Masters (Licence es Sci Pol). Before relocating to New Delhi, India, Ylva worked in Public Relations and Marketing in both Geneva and Zurich. In India she joined the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce as the General Manager. After almost 5 years in New Delhi, she moved back to Switzerland where she assumed the role of Executive Director for the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce. Ylva has been living in the DC area with her family since July 2014. 

Contact: ylva.freihofer@sacc-dc.org


Rickard Ekstedt

Business Associate

Rickard Ekstedt joined the Chamber in February 2017. He recently graduated from Stockholm University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in Economics. Rickard grew up in Uppsala, Sweden, but has also lived in Nairobi, Kenya and Washington, DC. During the spring of 2013, he interned at Jubilee USA Network- a non-profit organization focusing on international debt and tax policy. During his time at the organization he attended meetings such as the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings. In the summer of 2014, Rickard had an internship at Youth Service America. There he worked as the project manager for the creation of new campaigns. In addition to his experience in Washington, DC, he has also worked as an analyst at a consultant company doing investigations and evaluations for companies and governmental departments in Stockholm.

Contact: rickard.ekstedt@sacc-dc.org

Gabrielle Törnberg

Business Associate

Gabrielle Törnberg joined the Chamber in June 2017. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and recently graduated from Linköping University with a Master of Science in Business and Economics with profile in French, majoring in management control systems and industrial marketing. During her third year she spent one semester abroad in Montreal, Canada and one semester in Paris, France taking business courses in both Swedish and French.

Contact: gabrielle.tornberg@sacc-dc.org