Speaker Luncheon Featuring Swedish Minister for Trade Dr. Ewa Björling

  • 12:00 PM
  • 2900 K Street, NW

On the 19th of February the Swedish Minister for Trade Ewa Björling met SACC DC members at a speakers luncheon at the Swedish Embassy. Dr. Björling talked about the current state of the trade relations between Sweden and the United States and how we can create stronger trade and investment ties together. Not surprisingly, the discussion revolved mostly around the European Union-American Free Trade Agreement (EUREFTA) and according to Dr. Björling “the agreement will be successful, but how successful is hard to predict.” She went on to say that  “an agreement like this will stimulate another – and hence open up for more free trade.” Furthermore, Dr. Ewa Björling urged the audience to promote the importance of free trade, as the effects of reducing trade barriers indeed are a win-win.