S.A.G.A Trainee Program

The Swedish American Green Alliance (S.A.G.A.) is a partnership between the governments of Sweden and the United States. The program promotes an increased focus on sustainability by Swedish and American researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, journalists, legislators, activists, industry leaders, academics, NGOs, and more. S.A.G.A. promotes connections, cultivates partnerships, and celebrates the ongoing progress toward a sustainable future.

Through a collaboration between the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C, the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm and the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce USA (SACC-USA), the S.A.G.A. Trainee Program was launched in 2013. This program, offered to U.S Citizens, is perfect for candidates with a genuine interest in CSR/sustainability. Participants partake in a 3 month trainee program in Sweden at a participating S.A.G.A. partner. Please find more details on the S.A.G.A. Trainee Program and how to apply on SACC-USA’s website