Are you interested in bringing a highly talented trainee to your company that is able to provide you with a new and international perspective?


With SACC-USA’s J-1 visa sponsorship, we are able to help your company access the best Swedish talents without the legal complexity and the costs that a regular visa usually entails. Swedes are renowned internationally for being SACC-USA Trainee Programhighly educated and striving for quality through innovation and for a strong work ethic. Throughout the life of the SACC-USA program we have provided Swedish talents to hundreds of American companies.

The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce operate to facilitate and accelerate trade between Sweden and the US. The Trainee Program serves as a concrete tool that enables Swedish talent to come to the US with our J-1 visa sponsorship. In turn, the program puts our aim of expanding US-Swedish professional relations into practice.

If you are interested in becoming a host or if have any questions please visit SACC-USA’s website or email the SACC-USA office.