Mentor Program

Mentoring serves as the bridge between young professionals and the guidance they need to succeed. By utilizing our network, we aim to create strong mutual relationships between mentors and mentees that benefit personal and professional growth.

he SACC-DC Mentor Program connects ambitious young mentees with more professionally experienced mentors. The program provides participants with networking opportunities, personal support, business training and career guidance to foster the relations between SACC-DC’s different membership levels.

For Mentors:

As a mentor, you have the chance to shape and highlight a young career by providing business training and personal support as well as by giving access to your network. In exchange, you will gain valuable understanding of the mindset of future decision-makers in a new emerging corporate culture, all while your thinking is challenged with a fresh perspective.

While a mentorship mainly focuses on the mentee, you have just as much to gain in knowledge and experience as a mentor. Mentoring is equally as beneficial and valuable for someone who takes time to reflects on the interpersonal exchange. Some of the benefits include:

Explore and develop critical skills to improve your leadership
Remind yourself about your own lessons and become better at leading yourself
Energize a young career – and re-energize your own
Gain new inspiration from a new perspective

For Mentees:

For mentees, mentoring is an opportunity to receive business training, career lessons, personal support as well as access to the mentor’s professional network. It allows you to accelerate your learning and take better control of your career, all while you sharpen the skills you need to succeed.

It’s an exceptional opportunity to benefit your knowledge, confidence and experience. It is of great importance to thoroughly reflect on your own career, your aspirations and the feedback you receive. Some of the benefits of being a mentee include:

Explore what it takes to succeed in a competitive job market
Improve skills within leadership, communication, time management and decision-making
Gain better self-confidence
Get access to a professional network to create more career opportunities

Participants must be members of SACC-DC.