WEBINAR: New Stimulus, Trade and Political Developments – With Pillsbury

New Stimulus, Trade and Political Developments - How International Companies Can Respond and Prepare

In a time of global crisis, businesses are beset by challenges hitherto unthinkable. As international companies face disruptions to global supply chains, a need for navigating unpresedented government interventions into the economy and a rapidly changing political environment, SACC-DC and Pillsbury has teamed up to shed some light on these issues. The conversation was held by Pillsbury partner and SACC-DC Chairperson Nancy Fischer, partner Elizabeth Vella Moeller and partner Matthew Oresman discussing business implications surrounding COVID-19.
Our speakers covered the following topics during the webinar:
  • U.S. Stimulus Programs: New Opportunities and Compliance for Foreign-based Companies
  • International Trade: New Developments and Implications for Business
  • U.S. Political Outlook: What is next for stimulus funding, reopening of businesses and managing liability, and the 2020 Presidential elections


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